Existing Drivers


Safety is the number one priority with ELS.

Aetna – All general health insurance needs and inquiries can be found through this link.

Guardian – Employees and Contractors alike can go through this portal for all dental, vision, disability, accident and life insurance needs.

Edward Jones – Driver and Employee access to retirement accounts (401K)

ELS Driver Expectations

Your skills as a professional driver for ELS, LLC. allow you to avoid accidents on the highway every day. Keen awareness of surroundings and your ability to react in accordance with your ever-changing situations keeps the highways safe.

Nevertheless, there are times when highway conditions change abruptly and/or vehicles slow unexpectedly, requiring you to apply all your experience and skill needed to stop your vehicle quickly and safely. Unfortunately, drivers of automobiles are not always so skilled. It is a fact, which you are all too familiar, non-professional drivers tailgate, cut you off and drive in blind spots making it hard to see them—and often unaware of the dangerous situation they are in.

Remedial and continued driver training is available 24/7

Despite this reality, legal precedent tells us that professional drivers must do everything reasonably possible to prevent an accident. As a professional driver, judges and juries tend to hold you to a higher standard of care than the average driver.

Given this, it is always good to remember that if a car is tailgating your vehicle, make every effort to put sufficient distance between you and the car in front of you and behind you. If necessary, slow your vehicle gradually, working your brake lights as much as possible to warn the surrounding drivers that you are slowing down or stopping. As you are aware, taking such steps will not only help prevent accidents in the best of conditions, but will go a long way in making any subsequent accident, in the worst conditions, deemed “unpreventable.”

As always, we would like to thank our drivers for their continued effort in maintaining a safe and professional image for themselves and ELS.


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