Flatbed Truck Load

Thank you for interest in our flatbed division

Our Open Deck Flatbed Division serves customers with nationwide needs, specializing in the transportation of over-dimensional steel and lumber products, as well as other building materials. We are based out of North Carolina, but travel frequently across the lower 48 states, hitting all of our customer’s markets in between. We have a tremendous customer base full of the “partner” customers who value our service, and it reflects not only in our rates, but out freight availability as well! We feature late model equipment, along with a dedicated staff to set you up for success!

How do we run freight?

We don’t force you to do anything, but we do expect you to service our customers. They pay us (and you) premium rates for a certain level of service. We won’t necessarily be able to send you exactly where you want to go on a daily basis, but we will send you somewhere for the highest rate per mile in the industry and a darn good reload on the other end, taking you to another area with another customer that expects the same thing—paying just as well! We are able to plan to get you home when you want to be, if notified in advance. Talk to your dispatcher and build that relationship) based on customer freight, making you a good take home check while you are working your way home, so to speak. Nothing is guaranteed in trucking, especially flatbeds. We can guarantee you the best means to get the job done, the best freight and really, REALLY nice equipment.

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